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Let’s rewind back to 2009…

I was heartbroken, lost, confused, and I just needed a place to reconnect with myself and my inner world. I needed to go somewhere special; not just a typical vacation. I had been to some beautiful places, like Hawaii, and literally fallen in love with the place, but I needed something more. I wasn’t sure what that “more” was, although it just had to feel right.

As I searched endlessly online for therapeutic getaways and retreats, nothing clicked… until I remembered vaguely seeing something about wild dolphin encounters in The Bahamas, but I didn’t quite remember the details. I had swam with wild dolphins in Hawaii and absolutely loved it. They captured me from day one as I jumped off the boat in the middle of the Pacific to greet my aquatic friends! I was in awe of the resident Hawaiian spinner dolphins, and I just knew my love for animals could help me find what I was looking for, even if I didn’t know what it was yet. I wanted it to be a retreat-style package instead of a one-day trip. My quest continued…

“Wildquest: Human-Dolphin Connection” came up in my search, and I thought “yes!”, this is it! I knew I had been putting off going to this place for quite some time, but this time it was perfect and EXACTLY what I wanted and needed! Divine intervention, cosmic timing, serendipity… call it what you may… I instantly clicked with the yoga, mediation and daily boat excursions out on the open ocean to find the wild Atlantic-spotted dolphins that inhabited the area!

This was my first time going to Wildquest, and definitely not my last. On a quaint little local island in The Bahamas; Bimini was my sought treasure, a saviour in the distance, and an experience that changed me to my very core. Since then, I have been to the exact same place 4-5 times (I think… maybe more?). It’s magical. It’s surreal. It’s perfect!

*See below for more info on Wildquest!

Now fast-forward to 2018…

I was going through my archived images and started going through my “Bimini” files. The last time I was there was in November 2013… yikes, I’m due to go back ASAP!

One by one, I sifted through the images as if it was the first time seeing them: I was in awe with the depth, beauty and grace I had in front of me, and it brought me back to that very place, to those very moments. It triggered memories of those first moments I came face to face with an Atlantic spotted dolphin: my heart exploded! I was transported back to those moments; ones that live for eternity.

As I sat on the bow of the boat, I waved at this precious little one below… and to our surprise, he flipped over and waved back! No joke! All caught on camera! These are completely untrained and wild dolphins! How is this possible? 🙂 Photo by Atmoji

There are no words precise enough to describe the feeling of being in the presence of a completely wild animal. They welcome us into their home willingly, trusting we will not hurt them – or maybe they know we can but are ok with it. It is difficult to try and understand a species we know very little about. However, I can tell you this: once you look into a dolphins eye, once you feel them zip past you in the water – close enough to touch (but don’t), once you see them all coming at you and encircling you… You are forever changed! I can’t explain it, and I won’t try. I can only encourage you to seek it and experience it for yourself! There is no price tag that comes with being welcomed into a dolphin’s – or any animal’s – home, nothing compares to the grace you are met with while watching them dance and chat amongst themselves, and nothing prepares you for the moment you have one – or a whole bunch – deliberately playing and swimming right next to you, and including you in their ritualistic dance. Everything they do is of conscious effort, nothing is luck or coincidence: they know exactly what they are doing and why… the difference is, we have no clue! 😉

It’s almost like they are messengers, perhaps of peace or ulterior knowledge we know nothing of. We can’t know for sure. What I do know, is that you can feel they are here for a reason, one beyond our intelligence level or comprehensive skills. It’s like they hold a secret to the universe, one that it so simple and lovely that we are too blind to see it. I don’t know. No one does ~And that’s the beauty of it! I am a true believer that all animals are messengers and have a far greater connection to the beyond and to nature than we humans ever will… maybe that’s why I am so captivated by them to begin with!

I’m going to stop now, and present you with some images I have taken during my trips to Bimini over the years… However,  if I can leave you with one thought, let it be this:

Enjoy the photographic journey!

(click on the images to open up a slideshow)

A little bit about WildQuest, Dolphins and Bimini…


“One World, One Pod” is their slogan, signifying the Oneness that we all are as beings on this planet.

*For their own website:

What’s not to love about letting go of all your cares as you cruise the world’s clearest, bluest waters in nature that is beauty to behold: A wilderness play ground to meet and have fun, hanging out with the ocean’s smartest, most sociable animals.

Meeting dolphins in the wild, on their own terms, is magical. An instant plug-in to being in the ‘here and now’. A re-connection with your own joy.

It’s our joy to make it so, so easy for you. We take care of every detail. WildQuest is a place to make friends with other like­minded souls and sincere, heartfelt crew, in what quickly becomes a ‘human pod’. Where you can belong again.

A relaxing mix of sailing open seas, dolphin swims, healthy delicious food (organic when possible) a laid-­back Retreat Centre for chilling out and enjoying the program of the week. Designed to re-­connect you with your own body, so you can connect with the dolphins when they come to greet you.

WildQuest is an uplifting, gentle adventure. Each year a third of our guests come back for more. Traveling alone or with friends/family – all are welcome here. We can’t wait to see you.”

Visit to book your next life-changing adventure!

*Disclaimer: The opinions in this article are of my own and I am not paid by Wildquest in any way.

The Dolphins

Wildquest does a fantastic job at describing exactly who these dolphins are and what they represent. You can see the details Here.

This is a beautiful video (one of many) that Atmo, the owner and photographer, has produced! Enjoy watching!!


Bimini may be small, but its history is big. For example, Ernest Hemingway resided on this tiny island and completed some of his most famous writings while there.

“The Bimini Road” is an underwater rock formation that is very distinct and can be seen from the air. Some believe its part of the lost city of Atlantis, however, other theories exist of course. Bimini is right at the tip of the Bermuda Triangle, and for those who believe in the Energy Vortexes of the planet, well, Bimini lies right next (or on) one. Needless to say, whatever the conclusions are to the above speculations, there is definitely a high energy and something very very special that I cannot put into words.

The beaches are spectacular, and so are the sunrises an sunsets! The resident dolphins that live in the area are quite unique as well: they tend to seek out human interactions more than usual. Most of the time, dolphins will be curious about humans, but will flee as soon as we enter the water. These guys in Bimini stick around A LOT and love to interact and, when the mood strikes, play with us. They can stick around for a few minutes to a few hours… it’s all up to them!

I do feel it necessary to state that there have never been any luring techniques to attract them or make them stay. They are not attracted because they are being fed or any of that, they purely come and go as they please and their behaviour is watched closely to make sure there is no disturbance to their natural environment. Awareness that this is “their home” is of utmost importance, and respecting their environment is key. We are simply observers, and it’s always on their terms!

I can’t recommend visiting Bimini enough! There are a few other dolphin encounters companies on the island, but I have always opted to visit with Wildquest, so I cannot recommend any others at the present time.

This is my all-time favourite place on the planet! I am forever grateful for all that it is!

I hope this was informational as much as inspirational to you! And thanks for stopping by 🙂

As always, feel free to email me if you have any questions!

Love and Light,

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