About Me

About Me

Hi! I’m Julie, a soul-searching, adventure seeking, animal lover, and photographer who travels to places near and far in search of our planet’s never ending beauty.

I set out to find myself in unique and different landscapes, trying to capture the essence of all that is, and undertsand how it all got here. In the midst of all that, I want to share it with everyone I can.

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, I’ve never felt like one place alone was where I belong… instead I see the whole world as my haven and home. I’m at my happiest when I’m out gallivanting instead of sitting at home, so you’ll always hear me talking about my next adventure!

I’ve pretty much always worked in the travel industry (aside from a few times here and there) – why wouldn’t I when I love travel so much? ;), so starting this blog just made sense. Countless people would always want to hear about my travels and would ask for my personal advice, so it was a good “fit” to tie everything together! My current “day job” is working for an airline, so sometimes you’ll see things on here that pertain to travel industry workers. However, everyone can benefit from my story telling, images, and suggestions… so keep reading! All is welcome!



My Mission

Our planet – so beautiful yet vulnerable to so many different factors – needs our help and support now more than ever.

I’ve visited many countries in search of a better understanding of what the underlying needs of humanity are, and what drives us to destroy many living beings and natural climates. In these places, however, I have found an immense passion to educate people about animal welfare; and the animals I have worked with in different parts of the world – even for a short period of time – have literally become a part of me, and a piece of my heart stays with them. I will never stop fighting for those who do not have a voice.

I’ve been to extreme climates where it is so remote, desolate, and astronomically beautiful, yet the melting glaciers prove their mortality. Getting lost in the natural beauty of our planet’s landscapes brings a better understanding and connection to oneself and the world around us.

I’ve visited beautiful, pristine oceans… gone diving in the clearest waters imagineable… only to find plastic bottles floating in the middle of the ocean nowhere near land… or seeing oil film on the surface of the water, knowing all too well that it is only a small glimpse into the reality of a much bigger problem, and how our marine life is suffering and disappearing because of it.

I’ve been to the depths of the Serengeti in Tanzania, camping where lions came through at night leaving footprints in the mud 5-6 feet away from my tent. Exhilirating? Yes of course. It is also very humbling to be at the mercy of the wild, and incredibly eye-opening to know the perfect – yet delicate – balance that is nature, and the unfortunate and sad truth of the disappearing species at alarming rates mainly due to human-wildlife conflicts and greed.

The rapid decline of beautiful wildlife and nature in all areas of the world are mainly due to human activity¬†and our unwillingness to leave it alone and claim is as our entitlement, when it was never ours to begin with in the first place. I am here to hopefully be able to speak for those who can’t speak for themselves. In hopes that my experiences, opinions, stories and photographs will bring a little more peace, understanding, and awakening.

May they also be a message to those willing to receive it.



“The more I see, the less I feel I know. Travel, if we let it, is a humbling experience, and there is nothing more majestic than the beauty that surrounds us every day.” – JR


Welcome aboard my friends, I hope this site serves you well!


Love and Light,