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Hello to you, my readers!

It’s been a minute since I’ve been on here and posted anything! Truth be told, I was uninspired to write anything since the Covid-19 pandemic hit. With a lack of travelsdue to lockdowns and restrcitions, it has now been exactly 2 years (!!!) that I’ve left Canada! Needless to say, I’m dying inside to go somehwere and soon! But – I’m being responsible and waiting for the right time – when it’s safe to do so without major complications on the horizon.

Yes, I could have posted content from my previous travels, this I know! However, the lack of travel and ability to do so, steered me away from even thinking of traveling, because it seemed so far out of reach that it was completely depressing to even think about.

Let me be clear though – I am eternally grateful for all of the beautiful travels I’ve been able to do – and I know I will get back there soon! Maybe the pandemic gave me a reset – I focused on other important and life-changing choices and events.

Due to Covid-19, many of us lost our jobs – especially those working in the travel industry. Since I worked for an airline, everything – our jobs included – came to a screeching halt and one that has been very very difficult to sustain even now – 18 months later! Difficult choices were made – some became blessings – and only now is it becoming clear what my new direction in life will be!

So I took matters into my own hands: First, I moved cities eith my cat Priti, into a much bigger place! It’s amazing – I’m close to nature (with a wooded area right out back), it’s perfect for me! Second, I took many online courses – from perfecting photography techniques to building my own business. Third, I decided to start my own entrepreneurial lifestyle and opened up my new branding, web design, graphic design & brand photography studio: Wild Exposure Studios! Check it out and give it some love if that’s something you feel you’d like to support! With that, I also decided to revamp my photography website as well as this one (hello, new branding!), and I’m loving every part of it! I’ve kept myself busy, more or less!

I’ve also decided to take this blog and my photography in a totally new direction. While it’ll always be about travel, I’ve niched down to really focus on wildlife & animal conservation, sustainable & mindful travels through both my writing and my photography. It’s a purpose I feel very strongly about, and one that I know can make a true difference! Our world – our planet – needs us more than ever!

Speaking of making a difference: I came across this note I had begun writing in April 2020 – at the very beginning of covid-19 when we didn’t know anything or how long it would last. Mostly, how it would impact the tourism and travel industries, and how we would adjust (or not) to it all! I had planned to publish it as a blog post, but something stopped me and I forgot about it entirely – until today!

That being said, I’d like to share those thoughts with you from 18 months ago:

April 2020

“The world is on lockdown – many for the past few months, and some with no end in sight just yet! Covid-19 has taken over the world – and the travel industry has taken a very direct hit because of it. Global travels have been reduced by 90% – and it’s given our planet a well-deserved break from all of it. But what will happen going forward? How will post covid-19 travels be affected? Will we learn from any of this? Or will we return to our previous behaviors and habits (because, you know, old habits die hard!)?

I am currently on day 50-something of confinement here in Montreal – our city has been in an almost complete shutdown for over 2 months now – and with a glimmer of hope on the horizon of things slowly starting to open up again. But at what price?

I believe for a good while, things will not be the normal we once knew. Social distancing will become the new normal, with all its crazy measures in place. Needless to say, this global pandemic has left nothing to be desired anymore. Going out is exhausting – physically and mentally. our brains are on high alert all the time, thinking “oops, stay 2 meters away”,  “did I touch my face before washing my hands?” and so on. It’s simply exhausting.

And while all this happens as many borders remain closed around the world, and different stages of lockdowns continue, it really got me thinking… is this what the world (and our planet) needed to be able to take a deep breath? Was a pandemic part of a “higher plan”? We’ll never really know the answer to many of these questions… but it got me thinking – along with many others – about traveling. Not so much about how much traveling happens, but more about the WAY we travel. And I have to say, I hope this shifts something in us all.

Traveling to many has become second nature, myself included. We all get sucked up into sharing this and that on social media platforms, and while that’s a nice concept – I think many people have lost the true reason, purpose, and authenticity of what traveling is really all about. I believe there to be a great lesson here: while we are forced to stop, we are inevitably forced to take a hard look in the mirror about certain aspects of our lives. We went from speeding down the runways to a complete stop sign that won’t move out of the way: I’m referring to the pandemic that has forced everything to just stop dead in its tracks. It has literally forced us to remain inside – isolated from the rest of the world. With this comes a great opportunity – to actually go inside and do a reality check on ourselves! Society has pushed us forward so fast that we have always felt the need and pressure to keep up and keep going. And we got used to this (some more than others!). I never was one for routine, corporate lifestyle, or “the grind”. It never sat well with me and I’ve always pushed against it in one way or another. One thing I do love, though, is my love of travel. And while I’m aware of the global footprint that has on the planet, and try my best to counteract those actions, one thing I am fully aware of is the mindfulness that comes with travels – or the lack thereof for many around the globe.

See, Instagram and other social platforms have become so popular that everyone wants to try their chance at their 3 seconds of fame. And while that’s fine in certain contexts – I believe there has been an oversaturation and lack of mindfulness behind it all. I’ve seen so many photos of the perfect pose with the perfect outfit with the perfect backdrop – all for the ‘gram. However, I believe that in that particular lifestyle, we tend to lose the purpose of what traveling is really about.

So, what will it be going forward, post-covid-19? Will there ever be a post-pandemic world that resembles the one we knew? And, more importantly, will we learn from it? I honestly have my doubts!

We shall see!

Stay safe, friends!”

Whoa! I completely forgot I wrote that! Crazy! Unfortunately, it looks like old habits die hard. I see it here in Canada, with the amount of traffic that came back to almost normal levels – even if things are still far from normal at all. It’s a sad reality, and I’m sure many places are like that too.

I would have liked a shift in habits and ways of “doing life”, but I think that was wishful thinking, unfortunately.

Is there still hope? I truly hope so! But, the main drive for humans is money, power, and profit – and they will always rule (I hate to admit that, but it’s just the reality of humans!).

So for now, I do my best to create a life I love and try to speak to others through my work! Some very fun and meaningful ideas have started brewing in my mind, and ones I will try to make happen as much as I can in the near future!

Until then, I encourage you to focus on anything that makes your heart sing. Anything that makes you smile, makes you proud, makes you wonder – and I hope that you seek answers and follow a purpose to make a difference, however small that may be!

Chat soon and stay safe wherever you may be!

Love & Light


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