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A photographic journey through Northern Norway and Svalbard is about my own experiences and unique perspective of my adventures through my own lens!!

I ventured to Northern Norway and Svalbard at the end of January, and it was such a unique and beautiful place to visit that I wanted to share some of my favourite photos!

This isn’t a typical blog post, and is more of a gallery in itself! If you do want to read the details and my recommendations about Northern Norway you can see my recent post here! The Svalbard one is to be posted soon!

Enjoy the dream-like scenery of nature’s abundant beauty!

Northern Norway & Svalbard

Mainland – Tromso Region

Svalbard Archipelago

I hope you enjoyed my images! It was definitely a bucket-list destination!

If you are interested in my photography, you can visit this link for more!

If you’d like to purchase some prints, please get in touch with me! All profits will be donated to my favourite wildlife sanctuary in South Africa: Ashia! You can also visit this link for more info!

Thanks for your ongoing support, and please feel free to share with those you know!

Love & Light,

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