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I’ve been asked time and time again about my favourite “go-to” travel items! In the light of all those questions, I’ve compiled a selective list for you guys to browse through! Listed below are my All time “Must-Have” items that I never leave home on a trip without. To me they are my essentials, as much as clothes and toiletries! I’ll be coming out with other “Top Pick” lists, so stay tuned for those soon!


As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to write to me here!


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My “Must-Haves” – What I never travel without…


Aukey Power Bank

This nifty little item has saved my butt many times over! It’s light, small, and can give an iPhone about 2-3 full charges!



BabyBoo Wipes

You may laugh at this, but I NEVER travel without wipes! These have come in handy so many times, especially on long-haul flights and lengthy connection times. They are all natural, made of bamboo, and 100% biodegradable – WIN-WIN!


Travel Smart All-in-One Adapter

I never leave home without this on any international travels! Its compact and can be used with any type of power outlet. It also has a usb plug built in. I’ve had it for a few years now and love it.


Blue Planet Eyewear – Polarized sunglasses

I stumbled upon these sunglasses while on a trip in Maui, and fell in love with them. I am a huge supporter of any company which takes our planet’s future seriously, and will support them all the way! I love that they are eco-friendly, polarized and simple. Plus, they are super affordable! I’ve had mine for 3 years now and can’t leave the house without them! Check out their story as well, they support great initiatives!



PacSafe SlingSafe LX50 Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bag

I swear by Pacsafe products, and I use this bag daily, even when I’m not traveling. It’s super light, spacious for basic items, and has anti-theft and RFID properties built-in!

Pacsafe Camsafe V15 Anti-Theft Camera Backpack

As a photographer, I always need to have my DSLR with me, with the rest of the gear that comes along with it. I despise carrying anything bulky or heavy on my back, so I needed something practical and small enough to be a small carry-on. This is perfect for me, as the lower compartment is a padded area dedicated for camera gear. It’s not big, but I try to be as minimalistic as I can when it comes to photo gear. It’s just too heavy for me. There’s also an upper compartment for anything else you may want to carry, as well as a front pocket thats roomy enough to fit essential documents. It also has a laptop slot at the back big enough to fit a 15″ MacBook! And the whole thing is loaded with anti-theft features, so you know your gear is safe while on your back! It also comes with a built-in rain cover and a side pocket for a water bottle or small tripod! I love its sleek and discreet design, so it’s not obvious that it’s a camera bag: great for blending in crowds and not drawing any unnecessary attention!

For those who do not want a camera bag but fancy the look of this one, they have one very similar as a regular backpack. You can see it here!

*Stay tuned for more pacsafe reviews in an upcoming post!


Olympus TG-4 – Waterproof & Weatherproof Camera with RAW Shooting Settings

Even though I always travel with my DSLR… there are some circumstances during my trips that I choose not to bring it with me, especially when it’s a weather or water related situation. For example, walking behind Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland with my DSLR was a no-no since it isn’t weather sealed, or going snorkelling… so after quite a bit of extensive research, I found this little gem! I LOVE this camera. I always shoot in RAW format and this compact little genius is capable of taking 16MB high resolution, RAW photos. It also has wifi and GPS built right in. It’s Waterproof to depths of 50-Feet , Freeze proof to 14 degrees F, Shockproof to 7-Feet , Crushproof to 220 lb. What more can you want?

Otterbox Commuter Series

I like to protect my iPhone as much as I can for a good price, and Otterbox has a variety of products for pretty much any device out there! I never leave on a trip without this case. Yes, it is a little bulky, but it’s definitely worth the extra thickness! It’s not waterproof, but it does protect it from water spray, sand, and so on.


Tech Armor Privacy Glass Screen Protector

If you’re anything like me, then you know where this comes in! I absolutely cannot stand when someone sitting next to me can see what I’m doing on my phone! It’s just simply none of their business! This screen takes that problem away in no time! It not only protects your screen from cracking if you drop it, but it also makes it invisible to see from side angles! People may wonder why you’re staring at a black screen… but joke’s on them! 🙂



Inateck 2016 MacBook Pro 13 Inch Sleeve

I’m super protective over my MacBook Pro, so I feel the need to cover it up so it doesn’t get damaged. This lovely case is perfect, and it comes with a little pouch for the battery pack. It’s super simple, and sleek in design. No bells or whistles, just the way I like it. It’s lined with a microfibre-like material, and has little pockets for a smartphone as well.



Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

Hard to argue about Bose headphones, the quality is incomparable! These new headphones are wireless, so no more getting stuck! They connect by bluetooth to any devise and are even great for working out. They come with a cute little case and hook too!


*Most of the links in this post are amazon affiliate links, which means I simply get a small commission at no extra cost to you by buying through them.

I do not get paid in any way by any of these companies, they are simply products that I love and believe in!

I hope you find good use out of them as much as I do!


Love and Light,

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