My Favorite Travel Quotes

My Favorite Travel Quotes   Sometimes we seek clarification in life, other times we just like to have a good laugh! In any case, we tend to look for connections – whether through quotes and images, or similar stories from others. All we want is to truly be heard – to be validated on some […]

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South Africa: A Slice of Heaven at Rhino Sands

South Africa: A slice of heaven at rhino sands

      Rhino Sands Safari Camp is truly a piece of heaven on earth! This intimate, 4 suites, luxury camp is delicious in every sense! From being completely off-the-grid and self sustaining, to lush vegetation and an abundance of wildlife that surrounds the area, and the amazing team that run the place, no detail […]

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South Africa: Cape Town – The Mother City

South Africa Cape Town

The first impression on my journey in South Africa was from the lovely city of Cape Town! I already had an idea of what the city would be like: picturesque mountains, a bunch of lovely beachside towns, plenty of markets and, of course, penguins! However, it wasn’t until I stepped foot on the Mother land […]

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How To Get Great Travel Selfies!

How to Get Great Travel Selfies!     We all want those perfect travel selfie shots… but how do some of the best bloggers do it? Below I share my own tips and tricks for how to get great travel selfies when travelling solo. They may not be fool-proof, and I’m sure there are better […]

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Bula Fiji: A True Home Away From Home

Lush green gardens, deep blue ocean, perfect waves, volcanic mountains, smiling faces, and palm trees swaying by the turquoise sea… isn’t that the description of Fiji you have in mind? Well, I can tell you that it IS all that, and so much more!  Bula Fiji! A True Home Away From Home!       Fiji […]

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Cruising the Fijian Islands

Cruising the Fijian Islands   The best possible way to experience a country that is made up of islands is, in my opinion, to go by sea! Fiji is made up of 330 islands, and many of them are uninhabited. The only way to get there is by boat. Sailing around the islands is also […]

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